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Generic Name: sildenafil (oral) (sil DEN a fil)
Brand Names: Revatio, Viagra



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Kamagra is a modern drug that is used to increase potency and treat male sexual dysfunction. This drug is a generic version of the world famous “blue tablets” Viagra. Just like Viagra, Kamagra contains the active ingredient Sildenafil.


The manufacturer of Kamagra is the Indian company Ajanta. This company produces a drug in India and exports it to dozens of countries around the world.


The main suppliers of Kamagra are online pharmacies. This drug is sold online without a prescription. Therefore, men with ED can order Kamagra in just a few minutes, without leaving home or office.


The main effect of Kamagra is associated with the release of nitric oxide in the cavernous body. As a result of this action, an additional influx of blood begins to flow to the penis and the ability to get a firm erection is restored.


Kamagra does not cause an uncontrolled erection and helps men prepare for a successful sexual intercourse only in response to sexual arousal.


Kamagra is not a psychotropic drug, it does not affect the central nervous system, so it is not addictive, and it does not lose its effectiveness even with prolonged use.


The advantages of Kamagra include:


  • ease of use;
  • onset of a hard and steady erection;
  • relatively low cost;
  • favorable profile of safety and tolerability.


Kamagra is one of the most popular drugs for the treatment of ED. Today, it is available for sale in many online pharmacies, which deliver medicines to different countries of the world.


If you decided to use this drug to restore the erectile function, you can order it right now or at another time that you find convenient.


The main advantage of Kamagra purchase online is saving time and money. In addition, when you buy this medicine online, you get it right in your hand, and maintain absolute confidentiality and anonymity of the order.


Kamagra is intended for oral use only. Online pharmacies sell several oral forms of Kamagra, including:


  • Oral jelly;
  • Oral tablets;
  • Chewable tablets.


Each package of Kamagra tablets or oral jelly has a sticker with a hologram that indicates the authenticity of the product. If you tilt the medicine package, you can read on the hologram the name of the company – manufacturer “Ajanta”.


Online pharmacies sell oral and chewable Kamagra tablets, packed in small cardboard boxes. Each box contains one blister with four tablets.


Kamagra oral jelly is packed in sealed sachets that contain the recommended daily dose of the drug. Each carton contains 7 bags of Kamagra jelly.


Jelly can have a pleasant flavor and aroma of strawberry, black currant, banana, pineapple, orange or other berries or fruit . Kamagra jelly and tablets possess the same therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of sexual disorders. However, most men prefer to buy namely the jelly.


An undoubted advantage of oral jelly is the ability to simply “eat” it directly from the sachet, without washing down with water. The drug begins to be absorbed as soon as it enters the oral cavity. This ensures a rapid onset of the effect.


Despite the high safety profile, it is important to follow the recommended dosage regimen when using Kamagra.


  • The usual dose of Kamagra is 50 mg to 100 mg per day.
  • Within 24 hours, it is recommended to take no more than one Kamagra dose of 100 mg.


The drug can be used not only by young and middle-aged men, but even by the older men (over 65), who have no heart problems and are not contraindicated to sexual activity.


The effect of Kamagra is achieved quickly. Therefore, the drug is recommended to be taken about half an hour before the planned sexual intercourse. To increase the efficacy of the ED treatment, Kamagra can be taken on an empty stomach.


Keep in mind that the drug administration simultaneously with fatty foods leads to a decrease in the absorption rate and can delay the onset of Kamagra effect.


Alcohol can also slow the absorption of the drug and shorten the duration of its action. Therefore, if you want to get the maximum effect from Kamagra, do not take the drug with fatty foods and plenty of alcohol.


Kamagra is a drug that is well tolerated and rarely causes unwanted effects (provided that the recommended dosage regimen is followed).


Adverse effects, which are observed in the administration of Kamagra, are transient in nature and gradually pass, as the ED treatment continues. The most frequent side effects are sudden flashes of blood to the head and face, headache and heart palpitations.


Not so often, men can have visual abnormalities, including changes in color vision. In case of visual impairment, Kamagra should be discontinued, and the man should consult with a specialist.


One of the reasons for the development of side effects may be the interaction of Kamagra with other drugs that a man uses.


It is established that Kamagra enhances the hypotensive effect of nitrates. Combined use of these medications can contribute to a dramatic lowering in blood pressure, so their combination should be avoided.


Erythromycin, Ketoconazole and other inhibitors of the CYP3A4 enzyme contribute to an increase in plasma concentration of Kamagra. Increased blood concentration of the drug increases the likelihood of an overdose and serious side effects.


Overdose on Kamagra can be accompanied by such side effects, as nausea, vomiting, frequent urination, epistaxis, and unstable angina. If this is the case, the drug is discontinued and symptomatic treatment is performed.


Kamagra is one of the most popular drugs for an effective recovery of potency. The use of Kamagra not only improves sexual function, but also increases a man’s self-esteem, and contributes to the growth of self-confidence.


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