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Brand name: Propecia
Generic name: Finasteride



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Propecia is a highly effective drug for the treatment of male pattern baldness. This drug stimulates hair growth at all stages of alopecia, yet the greatest effectiveness is achieved at the initial stages of intense hair loss.


The uniqueness of Propecia lies in the fact that it affects the pathogenetic mechanism of androgenic alopecia. By influencing the root cause of alopecia, Propecia helps to stop hair loss and resume the process of new hair growth in place of those fallen out.


Propecia should be prescribed to men, who have a genetic predisposition to alopecia. If hair loss is associated with infectious, chemical, thermal, mechanical trauma to the scalp, Propecia will not be able to stop the alopecia.


Propecia works only if progressive baldness is caused by the action of male sex hormones (androgens) on the hair follicles. Androgens have a negative effect on the hair roots and hinder their normal growth and development.


Propecia drug inhibits the activity of androgens, which inhibit the growth of hair follicles. Thus, it promotes a decrease in receptor sensitivity to androgens, and provides a steady and permanent hair growth.


For the treatment of androgenic alopecia, Propecia tablets are used, each containing 1 mg of the active ingredient Finasteride. To get Propecia in a city pharmacy, man needs to:


  • Consult with a dermatologist/trichologist.
  • Get a prescription for these pills to treat baldness.


Men who do not have a prescription for Propecia can order these pills online. After buying Propecia without a prescription, you must carefully read the leaflet for the patient and be sure to follow the indicated dosing regimen. Propecia tablets can be ordered anywhere in the world, paying for their cost with the help of international payment systems, with which the online pharmacy collaborates.


  • Propecia tablets can be prescribed to men over 18 years of age and under 41 years of age.
  • Patients from other age groups should look for other ways to treat androgenic alopecia.


To stop  hair loss and achieve a sustainable hair growth, men should take one Propecia tablet a day. This medicine can be used at any time of the day, regardless of meals.


Within a few weeks after the beginning of Propecia use, the rate of hair loss will slow down. Then, the hair loss process completely stops, and new hair begins to grown instead of the hair lost.


Propecia tablets can be taken until they provide a sustained hair growth. For an objective control of the treatment efficacy for male pattern hair loss, it is necessary to periodically evaluate the results achieved with Propecia.


Treatment of androgenic alopecia is considered successful when Propecia tablets helped to significantly increase the amount of hair on the head, and thus helped improve the appearance and self-esteem.


As soon as the man notices that Propecia tablets stopped working and the hair growth stopped, he can stop treatment of the androgenic alopecia.


  • The effect that has been achieved with Propecia maintains for 12 months.
  • Approximately in 1 year after the administration of the last dose of this medication, hair loss can resume.


To prevent repeated intensive hair loss, man with androgenic alopecia should start taking Propecia as soon as possible. The results of the studies demonstrate that long-term treatment and repeated courses of drug therapy for alopecia are safe for men’s health.


Propecia drug is well tolerated and its side effects (decreased libido, decreased ejaculate volume) do not require treatment discontinuation.


The interaction of Propecia with other oral or topical hair growth stimulants have not been studied. Therefore, the safety of combined androgenetic therapy with Propecia is unknown.


If a man uses hair growth stimulants that do not work before he starts using Propecia tablets, the use of any other drugs to treat alopecia should be discontinued.


Propecia is a legal stimulator of hair growth, which is sold in online pharmacies without a prescription. In addition to brand Propecia tablets, online pharmacies sell Propecia generics, which are cheaper than the original medicine.


When buying Propecia drug or its generics in an online pharmacy, men can get a discount. Therefore, the purchase of Propecia online should be regarded not only as a chance to begin the treatment of alopecia without consulting a doctor, but also as a way to save money and time.


Before buying Propecia online, men can get all the necessary information about the delivery terms for this drug for the treatment of androgenic alopecia, from the pharmacist of the online pharmacy.


Currently, Propecia and its generics are first-line therapy in the treatment of male pattern baldness. Due to the ease of use, the absence of serious side effects or clinically significant drug interactions, Propecia continues to be the most popular drug for the therapy of androgenic alopecia.


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