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Brand Name: Strattera
Generic Name: Atomoxetine



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Strattera is a unique drug, created for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The uniqueness of the drug consists in its pharmacological action, which until today has not been fully studied.


The active component of Strattera is sympathomimetic of central action, Atomoxetine, due to which the therapeutic effect of the drug is implemented.


The action of Strattera is implemented on the presynaptic level. The drug blocks the reuptake of Norepinephrine in the central nervous system, which in the end results in an increase in the extracellular concentration of this neurotransmitter.


Clinical studies have established that Strattera causes a significant weakening of the most frequent ADHD symptoms, including a decrease in the ability to concentrate and learn, hyperactivity and impulsivity.


The advantage of Strattera is its minimal effect on other neurochemical systems of the brain. The drug has literally no effect on the reuptake of neurotransmitters Dopamine and Serotonin, which explains its good tolerability and low incidence of side effects.


Strattera is approved for use in more than 40 countries. On the world pharmaceutical market, Strattera is supplied mainly in the form of oral capsules.


Each capsule can contain 5 mg, 10 mg, 18 mg, 25 mg, 40 mg, 60 mg, 80 mg, or 100 mg of the psychostimulatory agent Atomoxetine. The variety of Strattera dosages helps maximize the individualization of the treatment regimen, taking into account the severity of the ADHD symptoms.


In addition to oral capsules, patients can buy Strattera oral solution of 4 mg/mL in some countries. Patients with ADHD can find all forms of Strattera release in online pharmacies, including the pharmacies that sell medications for the ADHD treatment without a prescription.


Strattera dose is calculated based on the patient’s body weight. The ADHD treatment begins with low doses of the drug, which are gradually increased as the treatment continues. Strattera capsules are normally taken once a day, in the morning.


In undesirable reactions, the daily dose is recommended to be divided into two intakes. The interval between Strattera doses should not exceed 6-7 hours.


Strattera dosing regimen for children and adolescents with a body weight of up to 70 kg:


  • Initial therapy – 0.5 mg Strattera per kg of body weight per day for three days.
  • Supporting therapy – the initial dose is increased to 1.2 mg of Strattera per day. The duration of therapy is determined by the doctor.
  • If necessary, the daily dose can be increased after 14 days to a maximum of 1.8 mg of Strattera per kg body weight, or up to 120 mg.


Strattera dosing regimen for adolescents with a body weight of more than 70 kg and for adults:

  • Initial therapy – one Strattera 40 mg capsule once a day for three days.
  • Supporting therapy – one Strattera 80 mg capsule once a day
  • The maximum daily dose should not exceed 120 mg of Strattera.


It is established that it is possible to see an improvement in the child’s condition after the first weeks of Strattera treatment. The optimal daily doses of Strattera help to:


  • Reduce hyperactivity and hostility.
  • Improve the behavior at home and in public places.
  • Increase the duration of concentration.
  • Increase interest and enthusiasm in the educational or game process.


As the use of Strattera continues, patient experiences an increase in the effects achieved. As a rule, in 2 – 3 months of treatment, he is already capable of controlling his behavior well.


Social activity increases, mental fatigue and the frequency of sudden mood swings reduces.


Strattera will improve memory, help focus on work and solve important problems. Strattera has established itself as an effective and safe drug that does not cause addiction or drug dependence.


At the same time, Strattera is not free from flaws. One of them is the duration of therapy. The maximum therapeutic effect of Strattera is noted in the period of half a year to a year of its regular use.


In addition, the administration of Strattera capsules can cause side effects. The most frequent reactions are from the gastrointestinal tract and include nausea, constipation, and abdominal pain.


Strattera can reduce appetite, which contributes to weight loss. Since Strattera can contribute to anorexia, adolescents and children are advised to control their eating behavior when being prescribed the drug,


Strattera does not cause serious psychiatric side effects, is well tolerated and can be administered in both children and adults. Due to its high safety and therapeutic effectiveness, Strattera is the first choice drug for treating ADHD at any age.


When a patient receives a prescription for Strattera tablets, he can buy them at the drugstore that is the nearest to him, or order the drug online. In addition to the branded Strattera tablets, other medicines for the ADHD treatment are also sold in online pharmacies. They contain the active Ingredient atomoxetine, which is exactly what Strattera contains.


Visitors to online pharmacies can compare the cost of Strattera with the cost of other medications to treat ADHD in just a few minutes. When you are comparing prices for Atomoxetine-containing medications, you should take into account special offers and discounts, as well.


Information on the conditions for obtaining discounts on Strattera can be obtained from the pharmacist of the online pharmacy. When the online pharmacy visitors buy pills for ADHD treatments at discounted prices, they save money and reduce their costs of drug therapy for the behavioral disorder.


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