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Brand Names: Esomeprazole Strontium, NexIUM
Generic Name: Esomeprazole



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Nexium is an antacid that is prescribed to patients with high stomach acid levels. This drug helps to gradually restore the pH of the stomach and alleviate the acid-reflux symptoms, like heartburn, nausea or burning abdominal pain.


Nexium is intended for short-term symptomatic treatment of acid-related disorders. The list of indications for its use includes pathological hypersecretory conditions or any types of gastroesophageal reflux disease, including:


  • Reflux esophagitis.
  • Nonerosive reflux disease.


This antacid also helps accelerate the healing of the gastric mucosa in peptic ulcer disease. Thanks to this, Nexium is used for combined therapy of duodenal ulcer with Amoxicillin and/or Clarithromycin.


Nexium helps alleviate the symptoms of gastric acid-dependent diseases by normalizing the pH of the stomach. This antacid contributes to a significant reduction in the acidity of the stomach through suppressing the production of gastric juice.


Nexium is prescribed to reduce gastric acidity in patients of different age groups, including


  • geriatric patients over 65 years of age;
  • infants aged 1 to 11 months.


This antacid contains the active ingredient Esomeprazole Magnesium. Nexium is sold in several delayed-release oral dosage forms and strengths:


  • Suspension – 20 mg, 5 mg, 40 mg, 10 mg or 2.5 mg.
  • Gastro-resistant tablets and capsules – 40 mg or 20 mg.


Nexium is sold in online pharmacies without a prescription. In Canadian or European drugstores, you can buy an over-the-counter (OTC) version of this drug, known under the trademark Nexium Control.


The beneficial effect of Nexium directly depends on the size of the dose used. When choosing an adequate daily dose of this antacid, the account must be taken of the age and weight of the patient, as well as the intensity of the acid reflux symptoms.


  • The average daily dose of Nexium for the treatment of gastric acid-dependent diseases in adults is 20 mg.
  • In severe heartburn or abdominal pain, the dose of this antacid can be increased to a maximum of 40 mg per day.


Pediatric patients under 18 years of age are prescribed 10 mg of this antacid per day. The daily dose of Nexium to alleviate the symptoms of gastric acid-dependent diseases in infants below 11 months of age is calculated based on their body weight:


  • 5 kg to 7.5 kg – 5 mg
  • 5 kg to 12 kg – 10 mg
  • less than 5 kg – 2.5 mg


The duration of one Nexium course is 1-2 months. If eight weeks of treatment with this medication is not enough for a complete symptom relief of gastric acid-dependent diseases, the course of the antacid therapy can be repeated.


To protect the stomach from the exposure to stomach acid as much as possible, the oral dosage forms of this antacid should be taken about an hour before meals. Nexium tablets or capsules should not be crushed, opened or chewed.


For the treatment of gastric or duodenal ulcer, caused by H. Pylori, patients take 40 mg of Nexium in combination with:


  • 500 mg Clarithromycin
  • 1000 mg Amoxicillin


Because of the risk of adverse reactions, the dose of these antibiotics may require adjustment. In prolonged use of high doses of Nexium, the likelihood of Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea or drug-induced osteoporosis increases. To reduce the risk of these side effects, patients should observe the dosage schedule of this antacid.


Nexium can cause mild or moderate adverse reactions that occur during the continued oral antacid therapy. It has a laxative effect, and can cause gastrointestinal adverse reactions:


  • dry mouth
  • abdominal pain
  • excessive flatulence
  • nausea and/or vomiting
  • constipation or diarrhea


In adults, Nexium can often cause a headache. In infants, this antacid may cause drowsiness, abdominal pain, or abnormally rapid and shallow breathing.


During the antacid therapy, the exacerbation risk increases for the systemic or cutaneous lupus erythematosus. Patients with one of these autoimmune diseases may need to adjust the daily dose of Nexium.


Patients who take Methotrexate, Warfarin, Clopidogrel, Cilostazol or Saquinavir should be prescribed low doses of Nexium.


The results of the worldwide clinical trials prove that Nexium possesses a high safety profile and sufficient efficacy for the treatment of gastric acid-dependent diseases. Its benefits exceed the risks of any adverse reactions.


Nexium has been manufactured by AstraZeneca Company since 2001 and it has been sold on the international pharmaceutical market for more than 15 years. Today, this antacid is very popular in Australia, USA, Canada and the EU countries (France, Portugal, Greece).


The manufacturer of this antacid, AstraZeneca Company, has organized the Nexium Direct program for patients with gastric acid-dependent diseases, which helps patients with a high volume of gastric acid:


  • Get advice from a licensed gastroenterologist;
  • Buy Nexium with a deep discount without a coupon or co-pay card;
  • Order free delivery of this antacid directly to the door of their house.


Special offers and discounts on Esomeprazole-containing medicines are offered not only by Nexium’s manufacturer, but also by international online pharmacies. Unlike AstraZeneca, which offers the best price for Nexium only for the US residents, the online pharmacies provide the opportunity to order cheap antacids in any country in the world.


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