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Generic Name: furosemide (fur OH se mide)
Brand Names: Lasix, Diaqua-2, Lo-Aqua



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Lasix is ​​a powerful diuretic that is used to normalize blood pressure and reduce swelling in patients with congestive heart failure.


Due to its high efficiency and low price, Lasix is ​​one of the best-selling drugs with pronounced diuretic activity. This drug can be found in any pharmacy, including drugstores that


  • sell ​​Lasix online
  • deliver diuretics to any country in the world


You do not need a prescription to order Lasix online. Therefore, visitors to online pharmacies can buy this highly effective antihypertensive drug in just a few minutes.


The efficacy and safety of the diuretic therapy with Lasix is associated with the fact that this drug:


  • facilitates the rapid removal of excess fluid from the body;
  • exerts a minimal impact on metabolic processes.


The advantage of Lasix over other drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular disease is that it exerts a diuretic effect even in patients with a reduced renal function.


Lasix is ​​a relatively cheap and accessible drug. When buying it, patients should pay attention to the cost, form of release and the amount of the active ingredient Furosemide in one tablet or milliliter of solution/suspension.


For antihypertensive therapy, one of the three Lasix dosage forms can be used:


  • Oral tablets
  • Injection solution
  • Oral suspension


Oral Lasix forms are commonly used to control blood pressure at home. Injectable forms of this drug are usually prescribed to hospitalized patients. If Lasix is ​​purchased online without a prescription, you need to order this diuretic in the form, which was prescribed by the attending physician.


A prerequisite for a safe diuretic therapy is the titration of the Lasix dose from the starting dose to the maximum therapeutic dose. With the correct selection of the dosing regimen, the patient will get the minimum effective (and, therefore, the safest) dose of the drug, which will allow continuing diuretic therapy without harming the patient’s health.


When choosing the optimal dosage, the account should be taken of the pharmacokinetic characteristics of various Lasix dosage forms. The bioavailability of Lasix tablets or suspension is ​​only 50%. Therefore, oral doses of the diuretic should be at least twice as high as the dose of the injectable Lasix.


The dosage of the diuretic depends on the indications for use. For the treatment of hypertension, patients can take 80 mg of Lasix daily. When dividing the daily dose into two intakes (40 mg in the morning and 40 mg in the afternoon), the drug exerts a more pronounced antihypertensive effect, than with a single use.


In the treatment of edematous syndrome or chronic heart failure, the dosage of the diuretic depends on the patient’s age.


  • Children can take a daily Lasix dose of 2-4 mg for every kilogram of weight, once a day. When the diuretic effect turns insufficient, pediatric patients are allowed to take the medicine one more time 6-8 hours after the previous administration;
  • The daily dosage of Lasix for adults can vary from 20 mg to 80 mg. Adult patients can take the diuretic every 6-8 hours.


Lasix can be used for both intensive and maintenance therapy of cardiovascular diseases. One of the most frequent mistakes of the supporting diuretic therapy is the occasional use of Lasix.


Rapid decompensation of chronic heart failure and worsening of the patient’s condition can occur because of the missed Lasix doses. Therefore, for a successful long-term control of hypertension, Lasix should be taken regularly.


In addition, the indispensable conditions for a successful diuretic therapy with Lasix are:


  • Moderate limitation of fluid intake.
  • Decrease or refusal from the consumption of table salt.
  • Control of body weight during the entire treatment period.


Lasix is ​​well tolerated and significantly improves the life quality of patients with cardiovascular problems. Such side effects, as weakness, vomiting, headache, rash, blurred vision, muscle spasms, diarrhea, or constipation are possible in prolonged use of Lasix in high doses.


At the same time, Lasix practically does not cause serious undesirable reactions, characteristic for other diuretics – hypokalemia or metabolic disturbances.


The criteria for the efficacy of diuretic therapy with Lasix are:


  • Increase in diuresis and lowering of blood pressure
  • Stable concentration of potassium and magnesium in blood plasma
  • Reduction in thirst, dryness and feeling of a bad taste in the mouth


For many years, Lasix has remained one of the most sought-after drugs for diuretic therapy of cardiovascular diseases. Due to the fact that the medicine is still in high demand, its retail sales remain at a very high level.


In addition to Lasix, pharmacies sell a lot of other drugs, based on the active ingredient Furosemide. Therefore, even if Lasix is ​​not available at the nearest pharmacy, you can always buy another diuretic with a similar therapeutic effect.


TO save yourself from wasting time while searching for a cheap diuretic in city pharmacies, brand Lasix and inexpensive generic Lasix versions are available for sale in online pharmacies.


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