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Generic Name: sumatriptan (oral/nasal) (soo ma TRIP tan)
Brand Names: Imitrex, Imitrex Nasal, Onzetra Xsail



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Imitrex is one of the best medicines for the treatment of migraine attacks. This antimigrenous agent is sold in online pharmacies without a prescription. Therefore, patients who suffer from chronic migraine can order Imitrex online without leaving their home.


Imitrex has several important advantages that allow having a successful antimigraine therapy in a variety of clinical cases.


  • The first advantage is that Imitrex helps to quickly stop a migraine attack, both with aura and without it.
  • An important advantage of Imitrex is that it exerts a pronounced antimigraine effect in just 10 minutes after the intake.


The rapid achievement of the therapeutic effect of Imitrex is due to favorable pharmacokinetic characteristics, incl.


  • high bioavailability;
  • good penetration through the blood-brain barrier;
  • rapid achievement of maximum concentration in blood plasma.


Unlike analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) that can be taken prior to a migraine attack, Imitrex is not suitable for preventive anti-migraine therapy (PAM).


This drug is effective at any time of a migraine attack, but the effectiveness of Imitrex is much higher when it is used in patients with a slow augmentation of the headache intensity.


By the mechanism of action, Imitrex is an elective agonist of serotonin. The central action mechanism not only provides a prolonged and pronounced therapeutic effect, but also helps to reduce recurrences of migraine attacks.


Recommendations for the most effective anti-migraine therapy.


  • The use of Imitrex in the first 30 minutes after the onset of an attack contributes to a more effective relief of headache;
  • Repeated doses of Imitrex should be used no earlier than 2 hours after the first dose;
  • Combined use of Imitrex with NSAID improves the efficacy of the migraine therapy.


Imitrex is indicated only for the relief of migraine headache. This medication is ineffective in other varieties of cephalgia, for example, in tension headaches. Therefore, in the presence of several forms of headache, the ability of the patient to distinguish a migraine attack from other types of pain is extremely important.


In online pharmacies and city pharmacy chains, several Imitrex dosage forms are sold, including:


  • Pills
  • Nasal Spray
  • Solution for subcutaneous injections


Before buying Imitrex without a prescription, patient should consult a professional medical worker and find out what dosage form he needs to use to treat migraines.


The doctor may recommend using Imitrex tablets alone or recommend to purchase several different forms of the antimigraine drug. Purchase of Imitrex in different forms is required when the patient reacts differently to its effects in different conditions and situations.


Depending on the dosage form and method of administration, Imitrex is used in antimigraine therapy in various doses.


  • A single dose of injectable Imitrex varies from 1 mg to 6 mg.
  • One dose of the oral Imitrex form varies from 50 mg to 100 mg.
  • Intranasal Imitrex is administered in every nostril up to twice a day.


In sudden migraine attacks, it is more convenient to use conventional Imitrex tablets. However, the nausea and vomiting that may occur during the attack significantly reduce the therapeutic potential of the oral forms of this anti-migraine drug.


If nausea is one of common signs of migraine, oral Imitrex should be replaced with the intranasal or injectable release form.


Imitrex Nasal Spray is indispensable for arresting migraine attacks that occur in the early morning hours or at night. In these cases, the patient wakes up with an already expressed headache, and the time for taking the tablets is already missed.


Intranasal administration of the drug allows to quickly and effectively stop the headache and the related nausea, as well as photo and phonophobia.


Clinical data on the efficacy and safety of Imitrex use for long-term management of migraine is not enough. Therefore, medical specialists do not recommend using this medication for more than 9 days in a month.


Prolonged use of Imitrex significantly increases the risk of a transition of the episodic form of migraine to chronic form. However, unlike analgesics, which reduce the symptoms of migraine without affecting the mechanism of its occurrence, Imitrex effectively stops the pathophysiological processes that cause migraine attacks.


The drug is well tolerated in most cases. However, patients should be aware of the possible unwanted reactions they may have when using this medication, before they buy Imitrex.


The most common side effect that manifests during the use of Imitrex is the unpleasant feeling of contraction in the chest, caused by a slight constrictive effect of the medication on the coronary arteries.


Other possible negative consequences of Imitrex administration are dizziness, drowsiness, asthenia, fever, or dry mouth. However, none of the emerging side effects causes serious health damage to the patient and does not reduce adherence to migraine treatment.


Imitrex is the first drug, whose efficacy and safety in the treatment of migraine was confirmed by the results of numerous clinical studies. With the advent of Imitrex in the pharmaceutical market in the early 1990s, patients were able to buy and use an effective and quick-acting anti-migraine medication.


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