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Generic Name: duloxetine (du LOX e teen)
Brand Names: Cymbalta



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Cymbalta is a modern antidepressant that has the ability to block the reverse capture of the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine in the central nervous system. It is established that the normal level of these neurotransmitters beneficially affects the state of mind and psychoemotional balance, and improves mood, as well.


Due to the double mechanism of action (blockage of the process of serotonin & norepinephrine reuptake), Cymbalta is more effective than antidepressants that inhibit only norepinephrine, or only serotonin.


The advantages of Cymbalta are:


  • Quick action onset;
  • Ease of use (single intake during the day);
  • Effective relief of pain in diabetic neuropathy;
  • Beneficial effect on anxiety components of a depressive disorder.


The efficacy of Cymbalta is not inferior to that of tricyclic antidepressants. The use of Cymbalta helps to reduce the suffering of the patient and helps him regain psychological and social functioning.


The active substance of Cymbalta is the psychotropic agent Duloxetine. This active ingredient was synthesized by scientists of the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Company about 30 years ago.


Cymbalta is sold in retail and online pharmacies in the form of delayed release capsules. Each Cymbalta capsule can contain:


  • 20 mg of Duloxetine;
  • 30 mg of Duloxetine;
  • 60 mg of Duloxetine.


If you are planning to order the antidepressant without a prescription, buy Cymbalta at an online pharmacy in the dose, which was prescribed by your doctor. Online pharmacies offer the lowest prices for antidepressants. Therefore, ordering Cymbalta online without a prescription allows you to save both your time and money.


In addition to branded Cymbalta tablets, online pharmacies sell their generic versions. Just like the original antidepressant Cymbalta, its generics contain the active ingredient Duloxetine.


The price for Cymbalta generics is lower than the price of the branded antidepressant by Eli Lilly. Therefore, the purchase of a Cymbalta generic online can reduce the treatment cost for a depressive or neurological disorder.


It must be remembered that Cymbalta might be helpful not for all people, who suffer from depression. The antidepressant has its peculiar indications and contraindications for use.


Even if you have previously taken Cymbalta, carefully read the leaflet for the antidepressant  before you start depression therapy. It is possible that the patient information leaflet has been supplemented or modified since the last application.


Today, Cymbalta is prescribed to adults and elderly patients for the treatment of:


  • Clinical depression.
  • Fibromyalgia Syndrome.
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder.
  • Painful Diabetic Neuropathy.


In addition, Cymbalta can be used to treat generalized anxiety disorder in children aged 7 to 17 years of age.


Cymbalta is taken once a day, regardless of food, at about the same time of day. This will help maintain a stable level of Cymbalta in the blood and increase the effectiveness of therapy.


Recommended dosing regimen Cymbalta


  • Treatment of clinical depression begins with the intake of 40 mg of Cymbalta once a day. The maintenance daily dose is 60 mg. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 120 mg of Cymbalta.


  • In the treatment of fibromyalgia, the initial dose is 30 mg per day. If necessary, Cymbalta daily dose is increased to a maximum dose of 60 mg.


  • In generalized anxiety disorder, adults are prescribed one Cymbalta 60 mg capsule per day. Children aged 7 to 17 years are prescribed 1 capsule of Cymbalta 30 mg per day. The maximum daily dose is 120 mg.


  • To treat the pain syndrome in diabetic neuropathy, patients are prescribed 60 mg of Cymbalta per day. The daily dose of the antidepressant should not be increased, as it is not established that the use of higher doses of Cymbalta contributes to an increase in the therapeutic effect.


For the treatment to be effective and as comfortable as possible, carefully follow the doctor’s recommendations. Buy Cymbalta capsules in the dosage indicated by the specialist and store them correctly.


Cymbalta is recommended to be stored at room temperature, avoiding moisture ingress. The antidepressant capsules are hygroscopic and easily absorb moisture, so they should not be stored in the bathroom cabinet.


It is best to store Cymbalta capsules in their original packaging, together with the instructions for use. Thus, you can check the expiration date of Cymbalta, read the instructions and check the list of possible adverse effects at any time.


Cymbalta capsules should be swallowed in whole, without opening or breaking their shells. Otherwise, the contents of the capsule will quickly enter the systemic bloodstream within a short period of time, which can cause side effects.


If you take Cymbalta and you feel discomfort or unwanted effects, do not stop taking the antidepressant yourself. Usually, adverse effects during Cymbalta therapy are of a short duration and decrease by the end of the first week.


If side effects continue to bother you, consult your doctor. Most side effects are dose-dependent. Perhaps, reducing the dose of Cymbalta will help alleviate the manifestation of some unwanted reactions.


Most often, people on Cymbalta complain of weakness, nausea, dizziness, decreased appetite and excessive sweating. Some patients may experience decreased sexual desire, delayed ejaculation and dysuria.


When treating depression, it is important to use the correct Cymbalta dose and to not expect immediate results. Usually, the improvement of the condition is observed after the first week of regular use of the antidepressant.


The maximum clinical effect of Cymbalta may appear several weeks after the initiation of its administration and persist for a long time after its withdrawal.


Due to its high efficiency and good tolerability, Cymbalta remains one of the best drugs for treating depression. Online pharmacies provide an opportunity to buy Cymbalta without a prescription. Therefore, patients with depression can get this antidepressant without leaving their home.


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