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Generic Name: dutasteride (doo TAS ter ide)
Brand Names: Avodart



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Avodart is antiandrogen, which is prescribed to men over 24 years of age for the treatment of urological diseases, associated with enlarged prostate gland. It can be used simultaneously with Tamsulosin, or separately.


Avodart has a strong antiandrogenic action. It helps reduce the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) by slowing the conversion of the hormone Testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone.


Avodart is the drug of choice for long-term nonsurgical treatment of benign prostate enlargement. It helps to alleviate and prevent the symptoms of this urological disease, such as:


  • blood in the urine (hematuria);
  • painful urination;
  • partial or acute urinary retention;
  • feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder.


Using Avodart in combination with Tamsulosin helps reduce the need for surgical treatment of BPH, as well as reduce the likelihood of acute or chronic urinary retention.


Avodart is intended exclusively for the symptomatic treatment of BPH in adults or elderly men. The use of this antiandrogen by women or children with impaired urination is contraindicated.


This testosterone blocker is produced by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) since 2002. Avodart is sold in one solid oral dosage form: soft gelatin capsules of 0,5 mg. The active ingredient of this Antiandrogen is Dutasteride.


This androgen antagonist is on the list of prescription medications, yet you can order Avodart online without a prescription. In addition, online pharmacies can offer advantageous conditions for the purchase of this testosterone blocker:


  • deep discounts or promotions;
  • free delivery at a specified time and place;
  • convenient payment methods (cash or card).


Order Avodart right now to start using it to relieve the symptoms of BPH already today. This androgen antagonist will help restore prostate volume and improve urinary flow, which will contribute to an improvement of the men’s life quality.


The dose of Avodart for mono- or combined anti-androgen therapy for prostate enlargement is 0.5 mg per day.


The contents of Avodart capsules can irritate the esophageal mucosa, so it is recommended to take them whole, without chewing or opening. To reduce the risk of irritation, do not use damaged Avodart capsules.


It is recommended to avoid using Avodart with grapefruit juice. Enzymes that are found in the grapefruit can interact with this testosterone blocker and potentiate its action.


The duration of use of this androgen antagonist can range from 12 to 24 weeks. The results of clinical studies prove that Avodart helps to alleviate or completely eliminate the symptoms of BPH during this period.


Avodart can interact with certain medications. It is recommended that precautions be taken when using this testosterone blocker with:


  • Ritonavir
  • Ketoconazole
  • Ciprofloxacin
  • Troleandomycin


Men with mild or moderate renal failure are encouraged to undergo urine tests on a regular basis during the Avodart course. This antiandrogen is contraindicated in severe kidney disease.


In prolonged use, Avodart can cause a slight increase in testosterone levels. However, after completion of medical therapy for BPH, the hormonal balance gradually normalizes.


Avodart can cause moderate or mild short-term side effects, like decreased sexual desire, erectile or ejaculatory dysfunction. Rare adverse reactions that can be associated with Avodart use are:


  • rash or itching of the skin;
  • testicular swelling or pain;
  • increased sensitivity of the breast;
  • loss of hair or increase in their growth.


These unwanted effects of Avodart disappear with the continuation of the anti-androgen therapy. Combined use of this testosterone blocker with Tamsulosin can cause dizziness.


When Avodart is used together with Tamsulosin, the risk of heart failure increases. Men with a history of cardiovascular disease should undergo cardiac diagnostic tests during the combined therapy of BPH.


This antiandrogen is not intended to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Before initiating an Avodart course, it is recommended to undergo diagnostic tests, including prostate biopsy or digital rectal examination.


To learn more about the use of this androgen antagonist, you can ask additional questions about Avodart to the pharmacist.


Avodart helps to effectively control the BPH symptoms and is one of the most frequently prescribed drugs that are used to treat male urological problems.


Avodart is sold in many countries of the world, including the US, Australia or Canada. This androgen antagonist is not available in some European countries (Great Britain, Spain).


In countries where Avodart is not for sale, you can find inexpensive Avodart generics, which are sold under the brands Avolve or Avidart. To not waste time searching for the cheapest brand or generic Avodart in pharmacy chains, you can buy them in online pharmacies.


Avodart manufacturer (GSK) sponsors the Patient Assistance Program, which fully or partially covers the cost of its purchase. Thanks to this program, uninsured men with BPH can get Avodart at low price or for free.


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